Laminate Care & Maintenance

With proper maintenance & the appropriate cleaners, your laminate floors will remain easy to clean and attractive for many years to come.

Daily Care & Maintenance Of Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is dent and impact resistant, extremely difficult to stain, and cleans up quite easily. The surface layer of a laminate floor is hard & compact, so dirt & dust have a hard time sticking.

We recommend the following steps for regular laminate cleaning and maintenance:

  1. Vacuum or dust mop as needed. If dust mopping, clean or shake off the cloth head when finished.
  2. Use a multi-purpose cleaner to spot spray soiled areas. Wipe up thoroughly to avoid leaving residue.

Due to the nature of its construction & installation, laminate flooring can have what appears to be a hollow sound. To minimize this sound, use a foam barrier between the sub-floor and the laminate itself. Laminate floors are not recommended for areas that may experience standing water, such as bathrooms or utility rooms, unless specifically warranted by the manufacturer.

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Care & Maintenance Tips
For Laminate Floors

  • Protect your floor by placing a door mat inside the entrance doors to collect dirt that would otherwise get tracked in from outside on the bottoms of shoes.
  • Place floor protectors under all furniture legs.
  • Vacuuming and an occasional wipe with a dust mop are usually all it takes to keep your floor clean.
  • You do not need to wax or polish your laminate floor.
  • Never clean floors with scouring powder, steel wool, or abrasives such as Comet or Ajax.
  • If your planks have minor damage, you can easily repair them with finishing putty, available in matching colors for your floors. The repaired surface will be almost invisible with the same wear resistance as the rest of the floor.

For difficult spots, consult the following guide:

  • You can remove chocolate, grease, juice, or wine with just warm water & a nonabrasive household cleaner.
  • Acetone or nail polish remover can remove tar, marking pen, lipstick oil, shoe polish, ink, grime, nail polish, & cigarette burns.
  • For candle wax, allow it to harden before carefully scraping it off with a blunt scraper.

Helpful hints

Want to learn more about caring for laminate? Click the link below! You can also get in touch with our flooring experts.

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