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Nothing brings warmth to the home like the unmistakable texture of soft carpet underfoot. Whether it's a plush carpet style in the bedroom to help you unwind or the ideal carpet that you can enjoy with the kids watching movies, nobody knows carpet like Great Floors. We can help you match the best materials, constructions, and looks for every room!

Why Choose Carpet?

It's no surprise that carpet is one of the most popular types of flooring! Here are a few of the top reasons why:

  • A luxurious appeal that feels expensive
  • Incredible comfort under every step
  • Efficient installation and replacement for less displacement
  • Helps to absorb sound for quieter homes.
  • Versatile style that serves every decor theme. 
Family-Friendly Carpet | Great Floors
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Different Types Of Carpet

These popular carpet types will uplift your rooms with dazzling results: 

  • By far the most popular type, cut pile carpets feature sheared fiber strands with exposed ends. Available in a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses to choose from, you can pick the right fiber twist to suit your home: A tighter fiber twist will produce greater texture and overall carpet durability your. 
  • Featuring tight twisted loops, loop pile carpets will help resist matting and crushing in the home while boasting more unique patterns and textures. Although pulled loops can snag and create damage, these carpets are highly durable. Ensure that your household conditions are suitable for loop pile carpets with our carpet experts. 
  • If you are looking for patterned visuals, cut & loop pile carpets will utilize a blend of sheared and looped strands to produce intricate, unique carpets that also highlight premium texture.

Carpet Care & Maintenance

By following a few key steps, you will find it easy to care for your plush, rich carpet pile!

Carpet Installation

When you trust the pros at Great Floors with your carpet installation, we can help prepare you for what to expect. Learn more about your upcoming carpet installation!

Find Your Inspiration In Our Carpet Gallery.

As you shop for gorgeous new carpet, explore our carpet inspiration gallery to check out trends and gather great ideas.