Transform Your Space With Area Rugs

Whether you're adding a pop of color or a neutral base, we have the perfect area rug for you!

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All About Area Rugs

An area rug can assist any decor theme! It can become an artistic design focal point or the perfect finishing touch to your layout. Maybe you need a neutral base that adds texture, definition, and unifies the room. It can hide flooring imperfections, complement hardwood or furniture, and add warmth and softness over hard surface flooring. With a seemingly endless number of shapes, sizes, and materials, the options are endless.

We also offer custom area rugs if you love a specific carpet style, but don't need necessarily need to carpet an entire room. We can custom bind a beautiful area rug to fit the dimensions of your home. Ask your Great Floors project coordinator for details.

Shop Over 100,000 Area Rugs

When you shop for area rugs with Great Floors, you'll have access to over 100,000 styles, all available online! Not only can you easily find that perfect area rug to add pops of softness, color, visual interest, and pattern to your rooms, but you can also enjoy free shipping directly to your home.

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Why Get An Area Rug?

  • Versatility - Whatever style, color, decor theme, or feel that you want to achieve in your rooms, there is an area rug to fit any vision, a construction to fit your activity level, and an ideal size to fit any space.
  • Affordability - Don't let budget concerns prevent you from shopping for new area rugs: We have a vast selection of materials and brands across all price points so that you can stay within budget parameters. 
  • Easy maintenance - All is takes to preserve the appearance of your rug is regular vacuuming with an appropriate model and proper treatment when spills occur to prevent permanent stains. 
  • No installation needed - The best part of purchasing on area rug is that you can place it instantly in your rooms for immediate use! We highly recommend purchasing an area rug pad for added security and comfort.

Area Rug Care Tips

While area rugs are easy to care for, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want your favorite pieces to continue shining throughout the years to come.

Area Rug Pads

Every area rug needs a good rug pad! Learn more about rug pads and see why they're beneficial for your rugs and your hard surface flooring alike.

Find Your Inspiration In Our Area Rug Gallery.

As you shop for eye-catching new area rugs, explore our area rug inspiration gallery to check out trends and gather great ideas.