With proper care and maintenance, your rug will look beautiful for years to come!

Daily care & maintenance

Vacuum at least weekly (if not more often, depending on the amount of foot traffic your rug receives) to pull up dirt and debris. If not vacuumed up, dirt particles can get grounded into your rug's fibers, dulling and damaging your rug over time.

When cleaning shag rugs, keep in mind that they have longer, cable-like yarns that tend to wrap around vacuum beater bars. Disconnect or remove the beater bar of your vacuum cleaner (instructions should be available in your vacuum's manual) to avoid this. Set your vacuum to the lowest height setting for the best results.

Dealing with spills & stains

Your area rug will likely fall victim to the occasional spill or stain, especially if you have kids or pets. If this happens, don't panic! First, assess the mess. If the spill is water-based, such as juice or pet accidents, you'll want to blot it with a dry cloth, absorbing as much of the liquid as you can.

For oil-based stains, you'll want to consult with your manufacturer's guidelines. These spills can be much more difficult to remove.