Rug Pads

Add a thick cushioning layer for more comfort, as well as providing a non-slip barrier between the rug and the pre-existing flooring materials

What Are Rug Pads For?

An area rug pad is one of the unsung heroes in your common rooms that see the most foot traffic. These extra layers add softness while preventing area rugs from sliding or bunching up when stepped on. 

These valuable solutions help ensure that your room appears the way that you want it to, while also eliminating slips, trips, and falls and improving overall safety. 

Area rug pads also add another layer of protection against wear-and-tear for your floors underneath, while helping the face of the rug wear more evenly. When spills occur, your area rug pad offers one more barrier before liquid or food reaches the floor. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the rug pad, the greater the comfort and protection will be.

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Basic Rug Pads

These value rug pads may not cost as much or last as long as other varieties, but they still enhance overall performance and add a multitude of benefits for homeowners. You can always upgrade your rug pad if you want to later on. 

General Rug Pads

If sliding area rugs are a major concern in your active home, a general rug pad made with slip-resistant material will help prevent this issue from occurring. You may opt to order a pre-cut pad to fit your specific rug size, or you can also order a rug pad roll and cut sizes as needed.   

Premium Rug Pads

For greater scratch protection and maximum comfort underneath your rug, a premium felt or polyester blend pad will offer the best resistance against movement thanks to special coating that adheres to the floor better.

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