CARPEt installation

Congratulations on your new carpet purchase from Great Floors! Here are some helpful hints for proper installation & care of your carpeting.


Prior to installation, please assure that the following tasks have been completed:

  • Move all furniture & furnishings off of your existing floors
  • Remove all doors that are in the area where carpet may impact their movement. A carpenter may need to shave the bottom of a door if there is a possibility that it may not clear the height of your new carpeting.
  • If you wish to have carpeting installed underneath fixtures such as radiators, railings, etc. instead of around them, have them removed prior to installation.
  • Move all wiring for electronics, utilities, etc. before installation.
  • If you are carpeting any closets, make sure nothing is on the floor within.
  • Ensure that your installers have proper lighting & access to electrical outlets.
  • Ensure that the installation area is at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 48 hours prior to installation.
  • Remove all existing carpet & padding, including pad staples & tack strips.
  • Remove all floor moldings. We recommend having a small amount of touch-up paint available to cover any marks that occur.
  • If your new carpet will be glued down, ensure that the area where carpeting will be installed is smooth & level without cracks or other damage.
  • Consult your new carpet’s warranty to ensure that your installation will meet the requirements for padding, etc.
  • Ensure that you’ve ordered the correct amount of material needed for the installation. If Great Floors did not measure the job, we accept no responsibility for shortages or overages, and we cannot return any remnants to our inventory that have been altered.


In addition to carpet installation, Great Floors offers the following services for an additional fee. Talk to your sales associate about specific costs for your project.

  • We’ll remove & dispose of your old carpet & pad, including pulling pad staples & removing tack strip as required.
  • We’ll remove & replace floor molding & doors.
  • We’ll move & replace your heavy furniture, appliances, etc.* However, you will need to empty any drawers, bookcases, & refrigerators and drain any waterbeds if using this service.

*Great Floors will not do any plumbing, gas or electrical work including the connecting or disconnecting of ice makers, dishwashers, or gas lines. We will not move organs, pianos, pool tables, grandfather clocks, aquariums, stereos, computers, firearms, collectibles, or fragile items. Ask your sales associate for more details.

Moving furniture | Great Floors
man installing carpet | Great Floors


There are also a few things that you need not worry about when it comes to carpeting installation.

  • Shading. Heavy, plush carpets often show light and dark patches depending on the direction of the pile and the reflection of light. This is a normal phenomenon and considered part of the beauty of these types of carpet.
  • Shedding. Carpets often shed & fluff with regular use. This may persist for some time but does not effect the way the fabric wears.
  • Roll crush. When the weight of a carpet roll causes bands or pile crush across the width of your installation, this condition tends to fade within 60 days. In the rare case in which it does not fade, your carpet can be steamed to return to normal.
  • Sprouting. If you find small tufts of fiber “sprouting” above your carpet’s surface, do not pull on them. Instead, trim them with sharp scissors.

Our installers install all carpet according to CRI industry standards. While we do everything possible to minimize seam visibility, most seams will show when your job is finished. Please note that we are not responsible for squeaky floors resulting from the installation of carpet.