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Answers to Your Common Flooring questions

Kids can often take a tumble during activities, so we recommend soft surfaces and no hard edges! Looped pile carpet or tightly twisted textures with stain resistance will remain easy to clean and withstand plenty of messes.

Since you or your guests will never see the carpet cushion again once it is installed, the appearance does not make a difference. It is very important however to match a carpet cushion with the performance needs of your home.

Since standing water, drips from towels, and steam can create a slippery surface, we highly suggest waterproof flooring options such as tile, stone, or vinyl that can help prevent injury. 

Use a threshold cover to transition between different flooring heights between rooms. Our Great Floors specialists can help you explore more decorative transitions that can be designed specifically for the flooring types in your rooms.

Yes! Lighter flooring colors will brighten a confined space and make it feel more open, especially those with a more consistent texture that helps erase horizon lines. You can also explore savvy installation patterns such as a diagonal stripe to enhance perspective.

Versatile vinyl flooring options can help you design the space of your dreams. Luxury vinyl plank gives you the realistic wood visual that you crave, and luxury vinyl tile provides stone beauty in a more flexible format. Sheet vinyl offers affordable, easy-to-install flooring solutions with a resilient give underfoot.

When it comes to indoor air quality, the Carpet and Rug Institute does not designate a difference between natural and synthetic carpet fibers. Thankfully, all types of modern carpet have very low emission levels and are safe for families. 

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