Carpet Care & Maintenance Guide

At Great Floors, we take pride in our quality workmanship & the materials we use. Rest assured that with proper maintenance, your new carpet from Great Floors will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Daily Care & Maintenance
Of Your New Carpet

After installation, you should vacuum your carpet to remove any loose fibers. You may notice a slight lingering "new carpet" smell, which should dissipate within 72 hours with proper ventilation.

In the months following your installation, you may notice the following:

  • Shedding of loose fibers for the first 6 months.
  • Sprouting of single tufts which should be clipped, not pulled.
  • You may notice some areas that appear lighter or darker when viewed from certain angles. This is pile reversal or shading caused by the reflection of light on the fibers and is a normal phenomenon in plush carpet.
  • Buckling or wrinkling. If these persist, you may need a professional re-stretch. Call your Great Floors sales associate for details.
  • Air or soil pollution along the edge of walls or under doorways, caused by normal air circulation through your air conditioning. These stains typically require professional cleaning to remove.
  • Pile crush in high traffic areas. This is not true wear, and can be minimized by regular vacuuming.

Regular maintenance should include proper vacuuming, the immediate removal of spills as they occur, and occasional long-term deep cleaning. Specific information about how to maintain your warranty when taking each of these steps are within your manufacturer's guidelines.

When cleaning, it is essential that you vacuum regularly with a strong, well-functioning vacuum cleaner. This means your machine should feature a strong motor or dual motors, powerful airflow, high-efficiency filtration, an internally housed vacuum bag, and brush height adjustments to fine-tune for various situations. Change your bags regularly.

Vacuuming Carpet | Great Floors
Carpet Care & Maintenance | Great Floors

Treating Spills & Stains On Carpet

Most of today's carpet is treated with special finishes to resist soil & stains. However, no carpet is entirely stain-proof. Most fiber manufacturers offer toll-free assistance for specific cleaning problems as they arise. Stain-resistant finishes hold spills on top of the fibers - but the longer you leave a spill, the harder it will be to remove. Always consult your manufacturer before adding additional stain protection to your carpet.

When treating stains, blot liquid spills with clean cloth or paper towels & scoop solid spills with a knife or spoon. Pre-test a small, inconspicuous area of your carpet to ensure that your intended solution will not cause more damage. With a clean, white cloth, gently work in your cleaning agent starting from the edges and moving toward the center to prevent spreading, being sure not to over-wet the carpet. Blot thoroughly and repeat until the spot no longer transfers onto the cloth. Use clean water to remove any remaining residue from your cleaner, and use clean towels to absorb remaining moisture. Once your carpet is completely dry, vacuum the pile to restore its texture.

Note that some spills contain chemicals that may discolor or damage your carpet. If you have any doubt as to what caused a spot or how to remove it, contact Great Floors for advice.

Vacuuming & Caring
For Wool Carpet

If you've chosen a wool carpet from Great Floors, you've made an investment in beauty, practicality, and ease of maintenance. Ensure that your wool carpet looks better & lasts longer by following three basic rules:

  1. Vacuum regularly.
  2. Remove spills immediately.
  3. Professionally clean as needed (usually once every year or two).

The most important step in your maintenance routine is proper vacuuming. Vacuum thoroughly at least once per week and more often in areas that experience heavy foot traffic. This will remove soil & dirt particles before they become embedded in your carpet pile. Use an upright vacuum cleaner with a rotating beater bar & brush or a canister type with a power head for the most efficient clean.

Adjust your vacuum cleaner head so that the brushes just barely touch your carpet's surface. DO not use a self-adjusting vacuuming, as these tend to adjust too deeply into the pile, causing fuzzing. Use of a beater bar or certain vacuum brands can void your warranty. Read your warranty carefully to confirm your machine's adherence.

Always move your vacuum cleaner slowly to allow enough time for soil to be removed and be sure to empty your bag before it is more than half full for the best suction.

Above all, remember that you cannot over vacuum! Begin vacuuming the day your carpet is installed.

Wool Carpet Care & Maintenance | Great Floors

Helpful hints

Want to learn more about caring for wool carpet? Click the link below! You can also get in touch with our Great Floors flooring experts.

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