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Whether made from natural clays or cut from carefully selected stone blocks quarried from Mother Earth, the tile floors here at Great Floors will provide you with many years of beauty.

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Why Choose Tile Flooring

As a timeless flooring option used for centuries, modern ceramic tile styles offer new visuals and application possibilities thanks to the innovative technology of today's manufacturers. When it comes to design capability, the vast array of tile shades, shapes, sizes, textures, and finishes available is unmatched and allow you to create completely unique layouts. 

Durable enough for even commercial applications, tile offers exceptional versatility and moisture resistance for a solid flooring solution in busy households full of activity.

About Your Glazed Tile

Ceramic tile is made from a mixture of special white, brown & red clays & other natural materials including pyrophyllite, rock & flint pressed into shape, glazed & kiln-fire at temperatures as high as 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Porcelain tile is the same in this regard, except its makeup includes feldspar, a type of crystal that gives a glossy, glass-like look. Both are extremely durable & water-resistant, making them ideal in kitchens and bathrooms.

Because it's made of natural materials, ceramic tile is non-toxic & environmentally safe. Glaze on a ceramic tile is the result of a high-temperature kiln melting sand & other ingredients onto the tile body, making the tile impervious.

Because of the different composition, glazes, surface textures & gloss levels available, some ceramic tiles are more suitable for specific uses than others. Your design consultant can provide you with a product that will best suit your individual needs.

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Characteristics Of Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tile is cut from carefully selected stone blocks, quarried from Mother Earth. No two pieces will never be the same, and as a natural product, it will contain blemishes. When stone is extracted from the source, the veining shading, & color will have extreme variation from one part of a mountain to another as a result of minor amounts of mineral substances deposited during formation. This gives each tile a pattern of its own.

Some of the most popular types of natural stone tile include:

  • Marble, which is a metamorphic rock that has a crystal-like texture. It is hard and compact and is popular in bathrooms. It is more susceptible to staining.
  • Slate, which is strong and weather-resistant, making it a popular choice for outdoor applications. It's also commonly used in roof construction.
  • Limestone, which is made up of calcium carbonate and can be categorized as hard or soft. It has a striking appearance with many variations. It is more porous.
  • Travertine, which is a type of limestone. It lends a very naturalistic look to any space, and it is commonly used to make bathtubs.
  • Granite, which is tough and not very porous, making it ideal for countertops and outdoor applications. It ranges in color depending on mineral content.
  • Quartz, which is quartz sandstone exposed to heat and pressure. It is very stain resistant. While quartz cost more, there is no finer option for countertops.

Tile Care and Maintenance

You will love how easy it is to care for your tough, durable tile surfaces!

Tile Installation

When you trust the pros at Great Floors with your tile installation, we can help prepare you for the complexities and what to expect: Learn more about your upcoming tile installation!

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