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Why Choose Laminate?

In an active home where fun get-togethers take place and memories are always being made, or if you are looking for an efficient, affordable remodel, laminate can offer the stunning look of hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone, and more. Modern technology has revolutionized the authentic visuals and textures that deliver the hottest trends, and these benefits make laminate an excellent selection to bring home.

  • Replicate wood and natural stone patterns extremely well.
  • Reduces stain on budget and minimizes maintenance.
  • Efficient remodels that offer significant value.
  • Huge selection of shades and styles.
  • Active homes receive supreme durability.
  • Highly stain-resistant without wax or varnish.
  • Highly fade-resistant in natural light.
  • Floating floor installation capability.
  • Excellent impact and dent resistance.
  • Easier to repair or replace than stone or wood.

How Laminate Is Made

Laminate flooring offers an incredible advantage for homeowners with a layered construction that brings specific benefits. The innovative technologies and finishes that today's laminate products boast can truly impact daily life and long-term satisfaction.

Although finishes and core technology will vary among products, the typical laminate plank is made up of four main layers that are combined and pressed together with a high amount of pressure during manufacturing: 

  • The bottom layer provides stability from melamine plastic backing.
  • The middle core board creates the moisture resistance.
  • The decorative layer on top of the core board provides the visual.
  • The rigid, durable wear layer containing aluminum oxide brings surface protection.
Laminate Room Layout | Great Floors
Laminate Room Scene | Great Floors

Different Laminate Styles

When you shop through today's fantastic laminate flooring products, you can find a realistic option that replicates your favorite visual. Here are some of the most popular styles: 

  • Hand-scraped: Hand-scraped laminate emulates genuine wood with etchings that make each plank mirror hand-scraped hardwood with incredible realism. 
  • Traditional wood: Laminate flooring has long been considered a great alternative to classic hardwood, and traditionally designed laminate flooring lends the warm tones and trademark texture to perfection. 
  • Specialty wood: If you are looking for an exotic wood look, laminate flooring can offer you the species visual you crave at a fraction of the cost. Elevate your rooms with this affordable solution. 
  • Natural stone or tile: If stone or tile installation feels like too much of hassle, you will love how efficient that laminate will go down, as well as much easier to purchase and maintain these floors are.

Laminate Care & Maintenance

In an active household, you will love how easy it is to care for your durable, attractive laminate floors:

Laminate Installation

Although laminate flooring can offer DIY installation opportunities, we recommend going with the pros to keep your warranties intact. Here's what to expect from our Great Floors experts:

Find Your Inspiration In Our Laminate Gallery.

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