Laminate flooring is dent & impact-resistant, extremely difficult to stain, and cleans up quite easily.

Why choose LAMINATE?

Laminate is a manufactured product that simulates the look of hardwood, ceramic tile, natural stone, and many other types of flooring. In the past, laminate floors have been easy to spot, but today's technology allows manufacturers to create realistic visuals and textures. Here's why laminate is a great choice for the home:

  • Patterns mimic wood and natural stone
  • Good choice for the look without the maintenance or cost
  • Offers significant value
  • Range of colors and styles, including exotic
  • Durable for active lifestyles
  • Resists stains without wax or varnish
  • Less likely to fade in sunlight
  • Floats for easy and versatile installation
  • Great impact and indentation resistance
  • Easy to replace, if desired

WE carry the top name brands in LAMINATE


Floor coverings have a huge influence on your home and home life. They impact interior beauty, design, comfort, livability ,and upkeep. Thus, floor coverings can make or break a home. Familiarize yourself with laminate to see how this innovative product is making strides in the flooring industry and becoming more popular in homes across the country.

Each laminate plank is made up of four main components that are bonded together:

  • Melamine plastic backing for stability
  • Core board for moisture resistance
  • Decorative layer on top of core board
  • Durable wear layer for protection, containing aluminum oxide
    Layers are combined with high/direct pressure

These four components are then combined and pressed together with a high amount of pressure.


Today's laminate flooring products are available in so many styles that it might get overwhelming when you try to select one. Here are four of the most popular looks:

  • Hand-scraped. Just as you can get hand-scraped hardwood, you can get hand-scraped laminate. This adds etchings that make each plank look and feel indistinguishable from genuine hardwood.
  • Traditional wood. Laminate flooring is brought to life with the traditional wood look. Traditionally designed laminate flooring provides the classic style of hardwood floors with the ease of care and maintenance that both home and business owners have come to expect.
  • Specialty wood. Laminate flooring can be made to resemble exotic wood species found around the world while remaining budget-friendly. It's one of the easiest ways to elevate any room!
  • Natural stone or tile. Laminate allows you to get the look of natural stone or tile without the upkeep and the cost. It's also much neater and easier to install!

Laminate care & maintenance

While easy to care for and durable, laminate does require some routine care and maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best.

LAMINATE installation

While laminate is easy enough for many DIYers to install, we recommend going with the pros. Here's what to expect from the experts here at Great Floors.


Need inspiration before shopping for laminate flooring? Take a look at our laminate inspiration gallery to see some of the latest trends before you shop!