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Why Choose Hardwood?

As the most popular flooring option with homebuyers, hardwood naturally adds undeniable warmth, depth, and visual presence that creates unforgettable floorplans. Also, genuine hardwood floors will contribute more value to your property's bottom line than other flooring types. Modern hardwood offerings are more versatile than ever while still retaining the cherished, timeless qualities. Along with superior finishes and innovative constructions, your favorite hardwood style might be able to be used in more locations throughout the household. 

Here's a few reasons why homeowners choose hardwood:

  • Easily one of the most popular flooring options.
  • Versatility across a variety of design schemes.
  • Inherent warmth and high character.
  • Rich natural tones and inviting visuals.
  • Impressive durability makes maintenance easy.
  • Brings tangible value to your home on the market.
  • A wide, diverse range of species and textures.

Different Types Of Hardwood

Different hardwood types and constructions will serve different areas of the home better than others. Whether you are shopping for a solid hardwood option or an engineered variety, installing hardwood in the home will bring inherent performance and beauty that lasts for decades. 

Common Hardwood Types

  • Solid wood planks are generally 3/4" thick and 2 1/4" wide.
  • Classic strip wood planks can vary from 12" to 84" in length.
  • Engineered wood construction is versatile and can be installed in more locations.

Common Hardwood Species

  • Red Oak & White Oak
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • White Ash
  • Pecan
  • Bamboo
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Different Hardwood Finishes

Along with selecting your favorite hardwood species, texture, and shade, you will also need to consider the best finish to support your household activity level and design aesthetic. When you explore different finished and unfinished hardwood styles, here are a few valuable points to remember: 

Finished Hardwoods

  • Ready for installation
  • Already sanded, stained, and finished
  • Harder surfaces offer more protection
  • Wider range of wood species available
  • Save time on labor and cleanup
  • Extended finish warranty for peace of mind

Unfinished Hardwoods

  • Greater customization capabilities
  • More choice among wood species
  • Sanded and stained completed on site
  • More surface leveling opportunity after installation
  • No extended finish warranty

Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Since hardwood is natural, porous flooring option, it's wise to learn about the best care and maintenance practices in order to keep your planks in the best condition.

Hardwood Installation

Due to the high level of precision and tools required for hardwood installation, it's best to trust the pros at Great Floors. Learn more about the installation process beforehand and you will know what to expect.

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