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Unparralled Realism In Flooring

Aqua Logic Flooring offers homeowners a level of detail that must be seen to be believed. Offering a sense of realism in vinyl flooring that separates them from their peers, Aqua Logic floors effectively mirror hardwood and tile looks in ways that other brands do not. With a waterproof structure and scratch-resistant qualities, Aqua Logic Flooring consistently looks great, no matter what you throw its way. 

A versatile flooring product, Aqua Logic can provide extreme functionality and beauty in virtually every room in your home. Easy to install, low maintenance, and consistently attractive, you'll love how Aqua Logic Flooring looks and feels. 

Aqua Logic | Great Floors

Aqua Logic Vinyl featured on HGTV's Unsellable Houses

Discover how Aqua Logic Vinyl and Great Floors can help to transform your home just like we are helping to transform the homes featured on HGTV's smash hit, Unsellable Houses.

Aqua Logic Vinyl

Aqua Logic vinyl flooring offers homeowners an attractive, durable, anti-microbial flooring choice that can help elevate any room. With water-proof qualities, ding/scratch resistance, and a cushioned underlayment, Aqua Logic vinyl flooring has become the go-to choice for families with children or pets. Shop our selection today!

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